this is pretty much just text for adsense if you are reading this. I love makeup, literally. My favorite brands are Mac urban decay, nars, and lorac. some of my favorite lower end brands are elf, rimmel, revlon, maybelline, and i also love real technique brushes. Italian and mexican food are the bomb. my favorite shows are bates motel, pretty little liars, and american horror story. I watch pretty much everything online cant remember the last time i've watched real telivision. I love my boyfriend so so much he is my rock, my partner, and my bestfriend. I tell him everything and i love that i can be my silly self with him. We are movie fanatics, we've seen almost everything ha. Blogging is my hobby, i love to read, and shop online. Actually shopping online may be one of my favorite things to do period. I am a perfectionist and i take a lot of pride in that. I like to be good at everything i do, aint no shame in that. I have 2 siblings. Instagram is the other social networking site i use besides tumblr, haven't really gotten too into twitter, i've tried i just find it extremely boring. My favorite color is purple. I'm biracial. Born and raised in california. Running out of things to say so we'll leave it at that. Again this is for adsense, i need more text on my blog, if you are reading this, honestly how creepy why are you even in my source code lol... well enjoy stalker ;)

Gurl calm yo tits!! at least you have a grandma. be thankful for what you have! i would give anything to just see my grandma again! maybe try to reach out to your grandma. you don't have much time to waste either! it's not like either of you are getting any younger...

The annoyance is real. I never had a grandmother. Yes she existed but she was not a part of my life. That’s like telling someone who grew up fatherless to be thankful they have a father. -_- She came around every ‘other’ year. I’m a grown woman now, i don’t need to make an effort to fix anything between us. We aren’t on bad terms i just don’t care about her. Why should i care about someone who watched my family live in fear, knew i was being mentally and physically abused and did nothing. That’s on her, i have my own family and i don’t really consider her a part of it. 

This bitch lol

So i’m browsing through Facebook and come across my moms page from which i find my grandmothers. As i begin reading through all the things posted on her wall it becomes clear to me that she has a really close relationship with  my female cousins in England. Now to clarify i have never met any of my family in England, so their is no relationship there but it irritates me that my own grandmother is closer to 2 girls who live across the world then she is to me and i  live literally an hour or so away. She had like my entire life to have that connection with me and she never bothered but she has the time to connect with my cousins .. across the fucking world .. i’m literally laughing because the ignorance is too much for me. Like oh sorry am i not British enough for you >.< its hilarious. I mean my whole life i called her Brenda because grandma just felt weird and come to find out she has this close relationship with her other grand daughters. What type of fuckery is this? 

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Thanks babe followed back :)

Happy birthday to me :) have a lovley day everyone.

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Miss you too sorry ive been so busy to be active on here ill be back once everythings in place =)

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allergies are a bitch